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There is a strong connection between looking your best & feeling confident, capable, and empowered.

Our patients often share with us how their concerns are impacting their daily interactions or stopping them from achieving their goals in life


“I’m too embarrassed to go to the beach and wear bathers because of my cellulite and stubborn fat.”
“I have lines and wrinkles that make me look tired and much older than what I am.”
“I just want my skin to feel fresh and glow. I don’t want to keep hiding my scars and blemishes.”
“I’m really concerned how my skin is becoming loose and saggy.”


As a medically driven aesthetic practice that understands how personal and different each individual feels about themselves, our approach is to provide personalised treatment plans for our patients.
We do this through understanding, listening and learning about what you want to achieve. We want our patients to be well informed and comfortable about any treatment they choose to have at our clinic.

Address The Concerns


  1. theva concernsDr. Theva will take the opportunity to learn more about your goals, priorities and concerns. You’ll be encouraged to ask questions. It’s important to us that you feel involved, comfortable and listened to.
  2. Following on from this, he will then proceed to perform a thorough clinical assessment of your presenting concerns, skin and face.
  3. From there we can create a suggested treatment plan, tailored to you so that you are well informed and have a clear pathway forward.


As part of our philosophy, we are dedicated to providing personalized care. As such, Simone our Practice Manager is here to assist you through your journey and being your primary point of contact. If you have any questions about a comprehensive exam or would like to book please give Simone a call on 1300 883 850 BOOK AN APPOINTMENT